Masglo Gel Evolution Quick Dry Kit


Show off a perfect manicure with the MASGLO Gel Evolution nail polish kit.


Masglo Gel Evolution Kit

This kit includes a base and a nail gloss that provides a gel effect without the need for a lamp.

The MASGLO Gel Evolution nail base:

Protects nails from damage caused by nail polishes.
Facilitates the application of colored polish.
Extends the duration of colored polish.

The MASGLO Gel Evolution Nail Gloss:

Seals the color and provides an intense shine.
Extends the duration of colored polish.


Extra fast drying
Intense and long-lasting color
Greater shine on nails
Duration: Up to 12 days
Formulation 13 FREE


A perfect manicure for days
An elegant and sophisticated look
A high quality product

How to use:

Apply a coat of base to protect your nails.
Apply two coats of colored polish.
Apply a coat of gloss to seal the color.


For a longer-lasting manicure, apply a coat of base and gloss every time you paint your nails.
To prevent the polish from chipping, avoid getting your nails wet for the first 24 hours after painting them.

Buy your MASGLO Gel Evolution nail polish kit today and have a perfect manicure for days.